Video of fish smoking a cigarette sparks fury among animal lovers

Posted By Staff

Date: August 4th, 2014

fishVideo footage has emerged of a fish being forced to smoke a cigarette.

The footage has been uploaded to viral site LiveLeak and Youtube and has drawn stinging criticism for its cruelty.

It shows the fish posed upright on a plank of wood on a boat with the lit cigarette wedged into its mouth.

One poster said: “Just looking at the fish’s obviously scared eyes makes me feel very sad. Poor thing, that must have felt horrible. Animal cruelty is not funny.”

Another added: “That’s horrible. Let’s see if these guys can breathe water, only fair!”  More   Watch Video at Nutty News Videos

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2 Responses to “Video of fish smoking a cigarette sparks fury among animal lovers”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Come on people, it is a stupid fish.

  2. Anonymous Says:


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