Woman arrested for workers’ comp fraud after competing in beauty pageants

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Date: August 13th, 2014

Shawna Lynn PalmerCalifornia – A 22-year-old California woman was arrested Friday for workers’ compensation fraud after online video allegedly showed her competing—in high heels– partaking in beauty pageants, after claiming that she was unable to work at a grocery store due to a fractured toe.

“People might want to say here’s a young lady who had beauty and bravado in making these claims, but it really didn’t add up on the brains side of it,” Byron Tucker, the state’s deputy insurance commissioner, told KTLA.com.

Shawna Lynn Palmer reportedly claimed that she was unable to work as a clerk at a Stater Bros store in Riverside due to her foot injury. She claimed, according to the California Department of Insurance, that she could not put any weight on her foot or wear shoes.

But shortly after the claim, she was seen in a YouTube clip wearing high heels on stage in the 2014 Miss Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix contest, Tucker said.  More

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Stupid girl. Put her in jail.

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