Your ground coffee may contain wood, twigs, leaves or other matter

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Date: August 12th, 2014

coffeeWith world coffee prices on the rise, producers may be adding fillers to your pre-ground coffee to maximize profits.

Along with water and coffee, you might also be drinking wheat, corn, soybeans, rye, ground acai seeds and even brown sugar in your morning brew, according to the American Chemical Society. While not harmful, these unwanted fillers may affect the taste and quality of coffee.

Drought and a detrimental fungus have been ravaging coffee farms, leading to an unexpected rise in impurities, such as wood, twigs, leaves or other matter from the coffee plant, found in coffee grounds.

“With a lower supply of coffee in the market, prices rise, and that favors fraud because of the economic gain,” says Suzana Lucy Nixdorf, Ph.D.,  a Brazilian scientist who is working to combat the filler problem.  More

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