Political calls dodge the ‘Do Not Call’ list

Posted By Staff

Date: September 10th, 2014

roboUSA – There is no way of avoiding political calls.

Unfortunately, consumers can’t do anything about it but simply hanging up the phone,” says Felicia Thompson with the Better Business Bureau. She says people get angry because they’re on the Do Not Call list, but they’re still getting political calls.

Well, there’s a reason for that. “Unfortunately, the FTC’s rule does not apply to politicians and political calls, when it comes to robo-calls,” she says.

This robo-calling exception happened back in 2003, when federal lawmakers voted to exempt themselves from the do not call list.

“Even if you’re signed up for the Do Not Call list, you will still likely get those calls,” says Thompson.  More

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3 Responses to “Political calls dodge the ‘Do Not Call’ list”

  1. As seen through the eyes of a child... Says:

    Another sickening example of “The rules do not apply to us”. Politicians are way too full of themselves.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The damn politicians need to be made to live under the same laws they pass for us.

  3. As seen through the eyes of a child... Says:

    How can we make that happen when THEY make the laws?
    I wish they did have to live by the same rules as us, it’s only logical and only fair. When thay can make laws that do not effect them they can pass anything without it effecting them… that’s not right.

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