U.S. Government threatened massive fine to force Yahoo to release data

Posted By Staff

Date: September 11th, 2014

bigWashington DC – The U.S. government threatened to fine Yahoo $250,000 a day in 2008 if it failed to comply with a broad demand to hand over user data that the company believed was unconstitutional, according to court documents unsealed Thursday that illuminate how federal officials forced American tech companies to participate in the NSA’s controversial PRISM program.

The documents, roughly 1,500 pages worth, outline a secret and ultimately unsuccessful legal battle by Yahoo to resist the government’s demands.

The company’s loss required Yahoo to become one of the first companies to begin providing information to PRISM, a program that gave the National Security Agency extensive access to records of online communications by users of Yahoo and other U.S.-based technology firms.  More

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2 Responses to “U.S. Government threatened massive fine to force Yahoo to release data”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Time to fear our own government.

  2. As seen through the eyes of a child... Says:

    When a governmaent becomes “full of itself” it’s time to change it.
    Government is FOR THE PEOPLE, not the other way around.

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