Monica Lewinsky: I was in love with President Clinton – Internet nearly destroyed my life

Posted By Staff

Date: October 21st, 2014

Category: Government, Politics

Monica LewinskyPhiladelphia – A tearful Monica Lewinsky on Monday recalled her love affair with President Bill Clinton and how an emerging Internet nearly destroyed her life.

“My name is Monica Lewinsky,” the former White House intern told a conference in Philadelphia, her first public speech to a large audience. “Though I have often been advised to change it … I haven’t.”

“I fell in love with my boss in a 22-year-old sort of a way. It happens. But my boss was the President of the United States,” she continued.

“I deeply regret it for many reasons. Not the least of which is that people were hurt,” she continued.  More

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3 Responses to “Monica Lewinsky: I was in love with President Clinton – Internet nearly destroyed my life”

  1. As seen through the eyes of a child... Says:

    she was in love with his wiener

  2. Unkle Jackie sez Says:

    “I never had sexual relations with that woman.”
    I guess that “premature” spot on her dress showed that he never got close enough to have sexual relations ! … !

  3. Lunar™ Says:

    The internet almost ruined her life? I think her acts almost ruined her life. The internet just ran with it.

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