The Science Behind ‘DeflateGate’

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Date: January 22nd, 2015

Category: sports, strange

patriotsWORCESTER - WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod spent some time with scientists and football players at Worcester Polytechnic Institute to find out.

Coach Chris Robertson is the boss of the football field. “It might be easier to grip, but not necessarily easier to throw,” Coach Robertson said of an under-inflated football.

And Professor Germano Iannacchione is the guru of physics. They bring two angles of tech expertise to “DeflateGate” from WPI, where the professor argues that deflating a prolate spheroid made of leather, only on game day, “might” help your quarterback and receivers in the cold and rain.

“But you’re just as likely, just because nobody has practiced it, to screw it up,” Iannacchione said.  More

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One Response to “The Science Behind ‘DeflateGate’”

  1. From the eyes of a babe... Says:

    What a joke… who cares.
    A soccer team could have beat the Colts. 45 to 7!
    C’mon people… there’s more important things to debate (Like the retarded “Affordable” Heath Care Act that would cost me 4 times what I used to pay, WITH $5000.00 deductible! THAT is affordable? NO, that ignorant and it’s being stuffed down our throats. Whay doesn’t the President and Congress have to use the Affordable Health Care Act? … because they’re “special” and we’re their slaves. I’m so pissed I can’t see straight. We’re being screwed bad.

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