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Date: April 10th, 2015

Category: True Facts

raidersThey once were among the most universally admired and revered men in the United States .. There were 80 of the Raiders in April 1942, when they carried out one of the most courageous and heart-stirring military operations in this nation’s history. The mere mention of their unit’s name, in those years, would bring tears to the eyes of grateful Americans.

Now only four survive.
After Japan’s sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, with the United States reeling and wounded, something dramatic was needed to turn the war effort around.

Even though there were no friendly airfields close enough to Japan for the United States to launch a retaliation, a daring plan was devised. Sixteen B-25s were modified so that they could take off from the deck of an aircraft carrier. This had never before been tried — sending such big, heavy bombers from a carrier.  Continued

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6 Responses to “FINAL TOAST!”

  1. NeoconsNailed Says:

    it’s not too late for themto learn the truth about America goading Japanese into attacking us so President Rosenfeld could finally play the war card. There’s still time for someone to educate them that America’s participation in World War Jew was totally wrong and even unnecessary. Don’t hate me, Rosenfeld got elected by swearing he’d never waste American lives on other countries’ problems… and look at the rotten fruit it’s born in the past 30 years of glorious adventurism!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    And that ^^ is someone these courageous men fought & died for! Shameful and embarrassing.

  3. Djdkddj Says:

    NeoconsNailed – What a nut! If and I might agree – he got us into the war by possibly knowing about Pearl Harbor and ignoring the info, he had a good reason! Stopping nazi and Japanese aggression. You really cannot argue that those two didn’t need to be stopped. To say otherwise is pure lunacy! A lot of things are wrong today and the wrong people are in power – the same evil forces involved in starting WWII in fact. I think you got your conspiracies and facts a little screwed up.

  4. NeoconsNailed Says:

    They didn’t fight and die for me, they fought for the Jew world order under which most of the world is now groaning. I would never have wanted them to go, I would have joined the Lindberghs and other leading citizens in condemning the whole thing, as I’ve protested the current war insanity on Federal courthouse steps.

    “The Holocaust”(TM), the main reason we joined the European fracas, is a cheap, disposable propaganda lie that’s now literally being turned into our national religion. In the countries we “liberated” in WW2 I’d get arrested for speaking up against the Holo-cult openly — Canada too!

    Nope — sorry. President Rosenfeld had NO reason for dragging us into it. If the Allies hadn’t crucified Germany at Versailles with USA and UK in the lead, there would have been no Hitler or Nazis. Take the vast, little-known American support of the USSR from its inception away and you’ve pretty much canceled WW2 in toto.

    The World Wars were where America started confusing itself with God and attempting to run the whole damn planet for him, which we do atrociously. This “war on terror” BS is the direct descendant of it, and what do you , war is the only industry still thriving here because of the endless supply of yahoos yelling “support our troops” no matter what. All the govt has to do is keep playing the war card and they’ll keep bellowing it. They play us like a $2 harmonica year after year, generation after generation! I appreciate that you bother replied and am telling you this for your own good.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    @ neo — is “protesting” from the comfort of your underwear and the safety of your mom’s basement REALLY protesting in the truest sense of the word?

    Put some pants on, comb your beard, slip on those vegan shoes and get out there! Oh — and don’t forget your Black Lives Matter sign!

  6. NeoconsNailed Says:

    All you can do is try to insult me — duly noted. I get called a “racist” by most people and a civil rightser by you — very comical!

    I’ve got news for you all, I’m anti-war because I AM conservative. It’s the classic Republican position from way back before neocon demoniacs like the Bushes came along and started touting their “new world order” openly in speeches. Congratulations, whether you voted “red” or “blue” for president last time, the agenda’s the same — eat you for dinner.

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