General Eisenhower and the German Death Camps

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Date: May 16th, 2015

Category: History

eisenhowerAt the end of World War II, General Eisenhower made a decision to personally visit as many Nazi concentration camps as he could. His reason? He wanted to document the camps and their appalling conditions.

Anticipating a time when Nazi atrocities might be denied, General Eisenhower also ordered the filming and photographing of camps as they were liberated. Members of the U.S. Army Signal Corps recorded approximately 80,000 feet of moving film, together with still photographs.

Within months after the war in Europe was over, about 6,000 feet of that film footage was excerpted to create a one-hour documentary called “Nazi Concentration Camp”. Prosecutors used the film, which is graphically gruesome, to prove that Nazi leaders, on trial at Nuremberg, had perpetrated unbelievably heinous crimes against humanity.

Eisenhower wanted to be in as many pictures as possible to prove the death camps really existed.  Continued

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One Response to “General Eisenhower and the German Death Camps”

  1. PeaceIsPatriotic Says:

    For a minute there I thought you were going to reveal Eisenhower’s own German death camps. For that shocking story, search BACQUE OTHER LOSSES.

    Yes, my fellow Amurricans, the truth is that Eisenhower was a mass-murderer of unreleased POWS after the war, and “the Holocaust” as normally understood is a propaganda lie. Churchill never mentioned it in his series of books on the war, there were not 6 million Jews in those countries, the camps had orchestras and theatrical productions, and the Jews killed vastly more than 6 million via communism anyway.

    DON’T censor me, please……. these insane wars we’re in today are the direct result of that one, and will never end until the truth is known about Eisenhower and company or America goes bust — whichever comes first.

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