Lynch mob beats man to death for beheading boy as a sacrifice for the Hindu god of death

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Date: May 29th, 2015

Category: Bizarre

beatIndia – A lynch mob has beaten a guru to death in India after he allegedly beheaded a five-year-old boy as part of a grisly sacrifice to the Hindu god of death.

Nanu Mirdha, who was in his 30s, had his hands tied and was attacked after the blood-soaked body of Sajan Bag was found inside his prayer room in Rangapara Tea Estate, Assam.

Gruesome video of the beating shows a mob using their feet, fists, and large pieces of wood to strike Mirdha, who is believed to be dead as the footage starts.

Locals at the tea estate said Mirdha was a sorcerer and had ‘sacrificed’ the boy during his prayers – or puja – towards Kali, the Hindu goddess of death.  More   Watch video at Nutty News Videos

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2 Responses to “Lynch mob beats man to death for beheading boy as a sacrifice for the Hindu god of death”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    he should have beheaded a female child, there would not have been a murmur of dissent.

  2. Lt. Chang Says:

    Smelly Indians

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