Donald Trump says he would ‘love to have Oprah’ Winfrey as his 2016 running mate

Posted By Staff

Date: June 17th, 2015

Category: Politics

oprahGood Morning America - Donald Trump may want Oprah Winfrey as his own celebrity apprentice for his White House bid.

The billionaire real estate mogul admitted in an interview taped Tuesday that he would consider asking the former talk show host and media magnate to add her name to his campaign ticket as his vice president.

“I think Oprah would be great,” Trump told ABC in an interview slated to air on “Good Morning America.” “I’d love to have Oprah. I think we’d win easily, actually.”

“She’s great, she’s talented, she’s a friend of mine,” Trump said, when asked about his past musings about teaming up with Winfrey for a presidential ticket. “She’s a good person. I’ve been on her show.”  More

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2 Responses to “Donald Trump says he would ‘love to have Oprah’ Winfrey as his 2016 running mate”

  1. Big Daddy Says:

    Trump is a self-promoting jerk. Oprah is a racist idiot. This country is in big trouble and elections are not something to joke about.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I’m taking that with a grain of salt. Trump’s clearly not serious about having that whiny, racist, has-been cow as a running mate.

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