Confederate flag supporters flock to the ‘Florida Southern Pride Ride’ are shot at

Posted By Staff

Date: July 13th, 2015

flagOcala – Thousands of Confederate flag supporters rallied in central Florida on Sunday afternoon.

The blue-and-red-clad drivers of some 2,000 trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles flocked to the town of Ocala for a 17-mile parade in support of county officials’ decision to return the stars and bars to a site outside a Marion County government complex, The Ocala Star-Banner reported.

Someone reportedly fired at least six gunshots in the direction of the “Florida Southern Pride Ride,” but no one was injured, according to WFTV.

Police tweaked the parade route after receiving word of threats against the demonstrators in one of the town’s neighborhoods, the Star-Banner reported. Attendees were wearing t-shirts with slogans like “Heritage not hate” as they defended the rebel symbol.  More

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3 Responses to “Confederate flag supporters flock to the ‘Florida Southern Pride Ride’ are shot at”

  1. NeoconsNailed Says:

    The first “black” president, 2 dothead governors etc = open season on self-respecting whites.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    it is the banner of slavery, plain and simple, it deserves a place flying over an given city hall in the southern states as much as the swastika deserves a place flying over any given city hall in germany. even the germans are savvy enough to understand that the swastika represents a heritage best left in the pages of history books and not being waved by anyone. not a point of pride for intelligent people.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    @anon 4:33
    You don’t know much about the flags, do you. Stop posting your stupid drivel, until you educate yourself. How many versions of the ‘Rebel Flag” are there? They don’t represent slavery, any more than watermelon represents black people.
    If you want all traces of slavery abolished, start with the blacks who still act like they just escaped from their massahs. (Masters for the stupid)

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