Panera Bread Restaurant Manager Punches Female Employee During Fight

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Date: July 9th, 2015

Category: Bizarre

paneraNew York – A male restaurant manager was caught on video punching a female employee during an altercation over the young woman quitting her job.

The video, which was sent to Gawker by a customer at a Panera restaurant in New York, first shows the manager and the employee arguing loudly.

“We walked in, in the middle of her quitting her job mid shift. She was yelling at a different manager than the one who hit her and was throwing some bags of chips on the ground, threatening to turn up in this b**ch, etc,” the customer who recorded the argument wrote to Gawker.

The argument got physical before the customer started videotaping it, with the manager allegedly throwing her down a flight of stairs and out of the restaurant. At the start of the video, the employee is seen walking back into the restaurant to confront the manager.  More    Watch video at Nutty Videos

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3 Responses to “Panera Bread Restaurant Manager Punches Female Employee During Fight”

  1. JPac Says:

    That young lady is going to own the Panera store and maybe a few more

  2. Anonymous Says:

    now days women fight like dudes. my ex wife used to beat the crap out of me. and i always went to jail. if a female
    starts hitting me now i would knock her ass out!!!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, if a female throws the first punch, she deserves to get hit back, no matter who she’s fighting with. (btw…I’m a female)

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