Scottish pub swaps kilts for pants after female patrons get handsy

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Date: July 13th, 2015

Category: Bizarre, strange, Weird

hootINVERNESS, Scotland – A popular Scottish pub known for its traditional atmosphere announced its male bar staff are switching from kilts to pants after repeated harassment from female patrons.

Kit Fraser, owner of the Hootananny pub in Inverness, said male workers used to wear kilts as part of the pub’s traditional theme, which also includes frequent live performances of traditional Scottish music.

But they are now donning pants to protect them from women who would lift their kilts to check whether they were “true Scotsmen.”

“You get large groups of drinking women circling around when you are collecting glasses and asking whether you are true Scotsman — and they find out for themselves,” Iain Howie, assistant manager of Hootananny, told the Inverness Courier.  More

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5 Responses to “Scottish pub swaps kilts for pants after female patrons get handsy”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Drunk females are out-of-control AZZHOLES!!!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Well…it IS Nutty News!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    well to be fair getting drunk and letting your hair down becoming a completely out of control sexual maniac who neither respects or even recognized the sanctity and personal space of another sovereign human being and feeling the utter freedom to act on it as much as they desire is not something women have historically had a lot of experience with, they,re still finding their sea legs, men on the other hand are seasoned veterans. :)lol

  4. NeoconsNailed Says:

    Let me guess: lots of these rude sows are AMERICANS.

    One of those guys looks about as Scottish as eel curry. Evidently Scotland is slated for ethnic demolition too.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    consnail can suck my d*ck

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