Texas cops kill suspect outside Applebee’s after he pulls BB gun

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Date: July 3rd, 2015

Category: Bizarre, Crime, Videos

bbPalestine - A Texas man pulled a BB gun on cops seconds before they opened fire, killing him outside a small town Applebee’s, newly released video shows.

James Bushey walked calmly next to the officers before he suddenly spun around with the real-looking weapon in hand.

The two officers’ body-mounted cameras captured the explosive exchange as they fired multiple rounds, dropping the 47-year-old in a spray of bullets.

The videos — one each from the officers — were released by Palestine cops and uploaded on Youtube by the Palestine Herald-Press.

The stunning point-of-view footage begins on May 31 in the Applebee’s restroom.  More   Video

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One Response to “Texas cops kill suspect outside Applebee’s after he pulls BB gun”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    LEOs have a split second to make a life-changing decision — but the brainless moron KNEW he was holding a BB gun, so I don’t feel at all bad that he’s dead. I just feel bad for the officers who now have to deal with the mess that was created by the brainless moron.

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