Woman Chooses Body Branding At Very Hot Temperatures

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Date: July 9th, 2015

Category: Bizarre

scarUK – While body branding is considered torture to most people, there are some folks who are choosing to have designs burned into their skin, a process also called “scarification.”

A young woman named Kerri recently allowed England’s Channel 4 to film her undergoing this extreme type of body modification.

In the video, Kerri is branded by a body artist who uses tools that heat up between 900-1200 degrees; smoke is actually seen rising off her burned skin.

“The effect on the skin is essentially a burn and it is an open wound,” says the body artist.  More   Watch video at Nutty Videos

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2 Responses to “Woman Chooses Body Branding At Very Hot Temperatures”

  1. JPac Says:

    I’d love to know what drugs she’s on to mask the pain. That procedure has to be way more painful than tattooing and she doesn’t even blink an eye

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Never get married, never be pretty and never have a job. Just another being supported by the state.

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