Woman wins disability grant – Allergic to cell phones

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Date: August 27th, 2015

ehToulouse, France – A French court has awarded a disability grant to a woman claiming to suffer from a debilitating allergy to electromagnetic radiation from everyday gadgets such as cellphones.

The applicant, Marine Richard, 39, hailed the ruling as a “breakthrough” for people afflicted by Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).

The condition is not recognised as a medical disorder in most countries, including France, but sufferers insist that exposure to mobile phones, wifi routers, televisions and other gadgets cause them anything from mild discomfort to life-ruining disability.

Scientific studies have found no evidence linking electromagnetic exposure to the symptoms — tingling, headaches, fatigue, nausea, or palpitations.  More

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2 Responses to “Woman wins disability grant – Allergic to cell phones”

  1. FedUpWithIt Says:

    can’t wait until the “ambulance chasers” in the USA start a class action lawsuit about this !

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This is why I make everyone other than on-call medical people, turn their phones off when they’re in my house. Don’t like my house rules? Leave.

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