Mystery of young couple found dead in an SUV on a isolated road near their home

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Date: December 26th, 2015

coupleMaine – A Maine couple was found dead in a parked SUV less than a mile from their home on Christmas morning under suspicious circumstances, and detectives are hoping to retrace their Christmas Eve steps to figure out what happened.

Eric Williams, 35, and 26-year-old Bonnie Royer, who lived together in Augusta, were found in Manchester just after on Friday. 

Police have not commented on the circumstances surrounding their deaths or if the SUV they were found in belonged to the couple.

One of the victims called 911 at around 3.30am on Friday from an isolated dirt road near a number of sand and gravel pits, state police said.  More

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One Response to “Mystery of young couple found dead in an SUV on a isolated road near their home”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Very unusual, but if i may play who dunit for a moment (purely speculative of course)it seems a show down took place, either between the two occupants or an as yet unmentioned third party. according to records, the 911 phone call was placed at 3:30, two or more shots (several according to the witness) at, what he estimated with the time pieces at his or her disposal, 3:34. someone recognized they or that person themselves was in immediate peril thus the the 911 call. the time line is dicey but clearly close enough in approximation to be connected causally. the phone call might very well have precipitated the killing. or not, who knows really.

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