Pizza order led authorities to Puerto Vallarta hideout of ‘affluenza’ teen Ethan Couch

Posted By Staff

Date: December 30th, 2015

condoMexico - A grungy Puerto Vallarta condo was home, sweet home to “affluenza” teen punk Ethan Couch and his mom before authorities caught up to the fleeing duo.

An order to Domino’s Pizza from a cell phone gave away 18-year-old Ethan and Tonya Couch, 48, and led authorities to the bustling intersection of Argentina and Colombia, a four-block jaunt to a sandy beach along Mexico’s Pacific coast.

It took a surveillance team nearly a week to track down Couch, who fled the U.S. fearing the results of a juvenile probation violation in Texas.

Local police swooped in and detained the evasive fugitives near the weathered four-story brick building Monday night.  More

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