Student claims cops arrested, beat him for walking dog without leash

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Date: December 28th, 2015

blueNew York – A 25-year-old college student says he was wrongfully arrested and beaten by Queens cops for walking his puppy outside his home without a leash.

Nicholson Gregoire stepped outside his Queens Village house Dec. 15 to walk Blue, a 5-month-old pit bull, when he saw two officers stopping-and-frisking someone nearby.

One officer noticed Gregoire did not have the dog on a leash and asked for his ID.

Gregoire said he told them it was inside his 101st Ave. home, and they allowed him to go inside with the pooch. He then closed the door.  More

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One Response to “Student claims cops arrested, beat him for walking dog without leash”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Rather than cooperate, he decided to defy them and not open the door or show them his ID. He deserves whatever he got.

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