The Curse of the Goddess Pele

Posted By Staff

Date: December 29th, 2015

peleHawaii – Potential visitors are warned about it in all the guidebooks and tourist materials. Anyone who takes Pele’s natural treasures home will suffer her wrath in the form of a curse, a fate that involves a lot of bad luck.

And the curse seems to work. The Hawaiian post office regularly receives packages containing stolen treasures. From stones and rocks to sticks and shells, countless tourists mail their stolen souvenirs back.

Some include letters to Pele herself. Others detail the bad luck their theft has brought them. Packages and letters attribute death, depression, illness, and—bizarrely—the “bad luck” of winning a lottery that wasn’t as big as they’d hoped. It’s all thanks to Pele’s bad luck curse.

Some proclaim to not even believe in the curse or to have suffered bad luck at all . . . but they think the theft is nevertheless standing in the way of their good luck.

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