‘Bring your guns and come’: Militiamen take over Oregon federal building

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Date: January 3rd, 2016

oregonOregon – A group of militiamen on Saturday occupied the headquarters of a national wildlife refuge in Oregon in support of two brothers who are slated to report to prison on Monday on arson charges – and the protesters don’t plan on leaving any time soon, saying it’s ‘kill or be killed’ time.

Militia members claimed to have as many as 150 supporters with them at the Malheur National Wildlife refuge building in Princeton, which is federal property managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service that was closed for the holiday weekend.

They later rescinded the number and said they would not disclose how many people were in the building, because of ‘operational security’. Local reporters have said that there only appears to be a dozen cars outside of the building.

‘We’re planning on staying here for years, absolutely,’ Ammon Bundy, one of the occupiers, told the Oregonian via telephone. ‘This is not a decision we’ve made at the last minute.’   More

Why has an armed militia taken over a federal building in Oregon

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One Response to “‘Bring your guns and come’: Militiamen take over Oregon federal building”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    well if the police are true to form and respond to this the way they have responded in other situations faced with assailants ‘possibly’ armed, then i would expect a blood bath. but these criminals are white so it,s just fine.

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