Teen paid homeless man $5 to dump hot coffee on own head

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Date: January 23rd, 2016

Category: Mean, Nutty News, Sad

homelessNew Jersey – A homeless New Jersey man was given a haircut, new clothes and a motel room ahead of the approaching blizzard, days after a twisted teen played a cruel prank on him.

Ronald Leggatt, who lives on the streets in Lakewood, New Jersey, was the target of a terrible trick Monday when an unidentified Orthodox Jewish kid paid him $5 to dump hot coffee over his own head.

Leggatt had been scrounging for lottery tickets near a Singin gas station parking lot when offered the twisted proposition and accepted the money because he was desperate for cash.

“At first I thought it was an act of kindness but I was wrong,” Carlos Mejia, 22, a Lakewood resident said in a Facebook post after he witnessed the pathetic prank.  More

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