McDonald’s to open where kiosks will take your order

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Date: April 18th, 2016

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kioskBottomless brunch and mimosas may be the way to a millennial’s heart, but it may be bottomless fries that get them back to McDonald’s tables.

A new ‘McDonald’s of the future’ may prove that to be the case. The new 6,500 sq ft restaurant, set to open in July, will be asking if you want fries with that – as many as you want. 

The $1.59m Mound City restaurant, currently under construction, will feature a lot more than a menu option sure to set drunk college students’ hearts aflutter. 

Owners Chris and Karri Habiger are turning their McDonald’s into a luxurious one, with earthy tones, couches and armchairs and kiosks instead of people taking your order.  More

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2 Responses to “McDonald’s to open where kiosks will take your order”

  1. Debi Robinson Says:

    still would have to rely on workers to read/make everything right

  2. Debi Robinson Says:

    also why not have morning lunch too;not everyone wants breakfast things then

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