Florida man requests Taco Bell after waking up from 42-day coma

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Date: May 18th, 2016

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foodTAMPA – A Florida man emerged from a 42-day long coma with a serious craving for Taco Bell.

A friend shared the story of Jake Booth, a 35-year-old retired Army veteran and former Collier County sheriff’s deputy, to Reddit after he made the very specific request for the fast-service Mexican food.

“My friend Jake woke from a 42 day coma a few weeks ago,” they wrote. “Relearning his speech, he made it VERY clear since he woke that he wants taco bell but has been unable to eat yet.”

Taco Bell eventually got word of Booth’s story and sent him a set of apparel as well as a bag full of food.  More

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    He’s in the right place when the explosive diarrhea hits

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