Pakistani woman burns daughter alive for eloping

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Date: June 9th, 2016

Category: Bizarre, Nutty News, Sick

aliveDays after 17-year-old Zeenat Rafiq eloped with a man against her family’s wishes, her relatives asked her to return home so they could throw her a proper ceremony.

“Don’t let me go, they will kill me,” her husband Hassan Khan recalled her saying, according to the Associated Press.

She was Punjabi. He was Pashtun. Her family was furious that she ran away and got married without their permission.

An uncle eventually convinced her to return. On Wednesday, Zeenat was burned alive by her mother.  Source

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2 Responses to “Pakistani woman burns daughter alive for eloping”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    She didn’t want to go because she knew her “family” would kill her, so then why did she? Was it because her husband wanted the dowry?

  2. ridiculous Says:

    I would guess because no one really wants to believe their family would actually kill them. Even in a place that it happens all the time.

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