Horrifying moment ambulance crew DROP Olympic gymnast after he snapped his leg

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Date: August 7th, 2016

legRio – A French gymnast who dramatically broke his leg at the Rio Olympics had his pain further compounded when hapless medical staff dropped his stretcher as he was hurried out of the stadium.

Samir Ait Said’s leg snapped as he tried to complete his vault during team preliminaries on Saturday, with the sound of the injury echoing through the arena.

As he crumpled to the floor Said writhed in agony while medical officials tended to him in front of a shocked crowd. After a delay of several minutes, he was eventually wheeled out and raised one arm to acknowledge the loud ovation he received from the crowd. 

But just minutes later the athlete was in even more excruciating pain after medical staff attempting to bundle him into a waiting ambulance dropped the lower end of the stretcher.  More

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