Mississippi ex-cheerleader sentenced to 12 years in prison for plot to join ISIS

Posted By Staff

Date: August 12th, 2016

youngA Mississippi woman who tried to join the Islamic State group sought to apologize at sentencing Thursday, tearful as a federal judge ordered her to spend 12 years in prison on a terrorism charge.

Vicksburg native Jaelyn Young, who once sought to disguise a planned journey to Syria as her honeymoon, told U.S. District Judge Sharion Aycock that she finds what she did “surreal,” adding she felt shame over her actions and sorrow for the humiliation she caused her family.

“I wasn’t myself. I said and did things that were so contrary to me,” the 20-year-old Young said, hunching her shoulders as she broke down in sobs.  More

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2 Responses to “Mississippi ex-cheerleader sentenced to 12 years in prison for plot to join ISIS”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Send her nasty ass to ISIS so we tax-payers won’t have to support her. The fact that she wouldn’t survive very long is beside the point (but yet an excellent point).

  2. Enough BS Enough PC Says:

    This day 1963:

    James Meredith


    James Howard Meredith is a Civil Rights Movement figure, writer, political adviser and Air Force veteran. In 1962, he became the first African-American student admitted to the segregated University of Mississippi, after the intervention of the federal government, an event that was a flashpoint in the Civil Rights Movement.

    Born: Jun 25, 1933 (age 83) · Kosciusko, MS
    Education: University of Mississippi · Jackson State University · Columbia University · University of Ibadan · Columbia Law School
    Written works: Three years in Mississippi
    Parents: Roxie · Moses Meredith


    Nothing could be more insulting to me than the concept of civil rights. It means perpetual second-class citizenship for me and my kind.

    Liberal whites are the greatest enemy of African Americans.

    My answer to the racial problem in America is to not deal with it at all. The founding fathers dealt with it when they made the Constitution.

    Did you catch that? Liberal whites are the greatest enemy of African Americans.
    Wake up BLM!

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