Bizarre Ways Chinese Companies Punished Workers

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Date: January 25th, 2017

wormsFailing to meet your sales goals in China almost inevitably leads to some amount of punishment. Usually, this results in some sort of financial penalty or not receiving a bonus. To be fair, that is true for many countries around the world.

However, 2016 highlighted the levels Chinese businesses go to publicly punish, or shame, employees for their failures. I hope that other bosses do not get any ideas like these.

Not surprisingly, there is no love lost when you fail to meet your sales target. A company in Hanzhong, China, called Ai Jia, which translates to ‘Home Loving,’ took to the streets in November.

With over forty workers gathered in a public square, the manager read off the names of all the employees who failed to meet their quota. Subsequently, he unveiled a large bag full of worms, glasses of liquor, and chopsticks.  More

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