Legend Has It That This Spicy Pizza Induces Child Labor

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Date: May 4th, 2017

laborAccording to a popular rumor among pregnant women, spicy food can help induce child labor, and while that has yet to be confirmed by medical specialists, a pizza place in Charlotte North Carolina has become a popular destination for mothers-to-be eager to bring their offspring into the world sooner.

Hawthorne’s New York Pizza and Bar in Charlotte is considering changing the name of its Buffalo Wings Pizza into “The Inducer” after dozens of pregnant women have credited it with helping them deliver their babies ahead of schedule.

Tales of the labor-inducing properties of this medium-hot pizza have been circulating around Charlotte for over half a decade, and some women actually swear by it.

Charlotte Five recently investigated this local rumor, and talked to some of the women who claim to have benefited from the labor-inducing effects of The Inducer.  More

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