Former McDonald’s worker reveals what REALLY goes on behind the scenes

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Date: June 5th, 2017

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mcThe claims include workers adding too much ice to customer’s drinks or squashing their burger if they’re rude to staff and serving vanilla milkshakes with no flavor simply because they’re too lazy to replace the empty bag of syrup.

Some of the revelations are less surprising, including gorging on leftover nuggets at the end of a shift and only giving rude customers half a pack of french fries.

However, some of the claims are somewhat shocking.

The worker says that staff have ‘definitely’ told customers they’ve run out of apple pies when they haven’t; they simply couldn’t be bothered to cook them.

The article also reveals that whilst McDonald’s don’t serve mayonnaise on its own, they have plenty in the kitchen and if you ask a member of staff ‘nicely’ they might give you some.   More

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