UK water firms admit using divining rods to find leaks and pipes

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Date: November 21st, 2017

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rodsTen of the 12 water companies in the UK have admitted they are still using the practice of water dowsing despite the lack of scientific evidence for its effectiveness.

The disclosure has prompted calls for the regulator to stop companies passing the cost of a discredited medieval practice on to their customers.

Ofwat said any firm failing to meet its commitments to customers faced a financial penalty.

Dowsers, or water witchers, claim that their divining rods cross over when the presence of water is detected below ground.

It is regarded as a pseudoscience, after numerous studies showed it was no better than chance at finding water.  More



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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Non Believers ! I can find water, sewer, gas lines in the ground using the metal coat hanger method. ! Some people have the gift; others can’t find their azzes by sitting on both hands !

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