Families ordered to remove pool in case burglar drowns in inflatable

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Date: July 13th, 2018

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poolFuming neighbours have been told to take down their paddling pool – in case a burglar fall into it and drowns.

Maria Young and her neighbours who live in the same block of flats clubbed together and bought the 12ft pool and cover for £64 for their communal garden.

But landlord company mhs Homes has since told them to take it down altogether or empty it out each night for ‘health and safety’ reasons – despite it having nothing to do with the Health and Safety Executive.

Maria, 47, said: “A team of them came and said initially we’d have to get rid of it. They then changed their mind and said we had to put it down each night for health and safety issues.

“They said if someone breaks in they might drown in the pool.

“I don’t understand. People in other places are allowed them in their community gardens. There’s nothing in the tenancy agreement that says we can’t.

“We’ve even said we will sign a disclaimer to take responsibility for it.

“I don’t know what the problem is, we have got a really nice block where everyone gets on and this is a nice way for everyone to enjoy the sunshine.”

Neighbours clubbed together to buy the pool, which takes around three hours to fill 15,000 gallons, as a way to bring the community together around a month ago.


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