Man arrested after fighting his own reflection

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Date: July 19th, 2018

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cuffsFighting his own reflection in a bar window has led to an Iowa City man’s arrest.

Iowa City Police were called to Bo James on East Washington Street just before 2am Wednesday after a report of a male banging on the glass windows. 23-year-old Joshua Job Brausey of North Linn Street was found leaning against the door.

He was also seen punching the glass window as officers approached him.

Brausey admitted to drinking earlier in the night, and showed multiple signs of intoxication.

When asked why he was hitting the window Brausey said another male was hitting him back.

Subsequent questioning determined that Brausey had been fighting with his own reflection.

When asked if he was doing so because he was extremely drunk, Brausey replied in the affirmative.

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