Man Dead After Getting Compressed Air Shot Up Butt, Coworker Says It Was A “Prank”

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Date: July 18th, 2018

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prankA good prank is fun for everyone involved, especially the person on which it is played. A bad prank, however, can be exactly the opposite of fun. As proof one need look no further than a recent “prank” that occurred in Japan involving a very powerful compressed air gun.

According to reports, this so-called prank happened on July 13 at about 5 p.m. at a construction machinery manufacturing plant in Ryugasaki City, Ibaraki Prefecture. It was here where one of the employees at the plant, 34-year-old Yoshiyuki Yoshida, allegedly used one of the compressed air guns normally used for fastening screws to play a very unfortunate joke on his coworker, 46-year-old Akio Ishimaru.

After aiming the air gun at Ishimaru’s rear end, Yoshida set it off, blowing highly pressurized air into his coworker’s anus.

Not long after, expressed that he was feeling unwell and was taken to the hospital. Ishimaru later died and the hospital reported the incident to the police.

Police are saying that the air went through Ishimaru’s pants. They suspect it was this which caused the injuries to his lungs, which are thought to be the cause of his death.

Yoshida was arrested on July 14 under suspicion of committing manslaughter and has admitted to the allegations, reportedly telling police “I did it as a prank.”

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