Tourist feared shark attack after drifting seven miles out to sea on air mattress for 21 HOURS

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Date: July 16th, 2018

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touirstA tourist feared being eaten by sharks as she clung to her lilo for 21 hours after being swept out to sea.

Olga Kuldo, 55, went in the water off Crete without telling her husband Oleg, 59, and daughter Yulia, 28.

They raised the alarm when they realised she was missing but it was not until the following day that she was rescued around seven miles off the coast.

Describing her ordeal, Olga said: “I felt things touching my legs. I kept assuring myself it was just seaweed. It was truly horrible at night, all sorts of thoughts flashed across my mind.”

The cardiologist went for a paddle off the Greek resort of Rethym

no despite storm warnings. She said: “The current and the wind carried me further and further away. I began to shout and wave but nobody on shore noticed.”
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