BBC journalists nearly stoned to death by crowd who thought they were witch-doctor child killers

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Date: August 14th, 2018

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bbcBBC journalists investigating a string of child murders were nearly stoned to death by a machete-wielding mob who mistook them for the killers.

The team were working undercover in Africa to expose black-magic witch doctors suspected of snatching children and using their body parts as charms for wealthy clients.

One self-confessed killer claimed to suck victims’ blood.

The victims, in northern Malawi in southern Africa, had been beheaded and body parts removed.

The father of one boy told the journalists: “I got a message that his body had been found without a head. I will never forget his face.”

Locals blamed the deaths on black-magic “muti” killers.

Mr Anas tracked down one self-confessed killer, known just as Kamanga, by posing as a businessman trying to increase his wealth with muti magic.

The meeting was interrupted by approaching villagers, who had mistaken the BBC crew for murderers.

Armed with machetes, knives, clubs and stones, they accused the team of being “vampires”.

“You have made a big mistake,” one of the crew warned them, showing a BBC identity card.

The team were eventually saved by community police and a local chief but were injured by the stoning. One of their cars was smashed up.

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