Does my sweaty T-shirt turn you on?

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Date: August 4th, 2018

Category: Nutty News

shirtAs I walked into a party on a recent Thursday night, I was self-conscious in a way I’d never been before: What if no one likes the way I smell?

It’s summer in Washington, D.C., so no one smells all that great. But this night was different from your average gathering of sweaty bodies. I was about to enter a pheromone party, where strangers would be inhaling my scent via a T-shirt I’d been wearing.

It’s a fun if strange experiment. Singles are meeting in lots of odd ways these days. Perhaps sampling each other’s DNA the way you might go wine-tasting makes more sense than swiping through photos on a dating app.

Knowing someone is attracted to you makes them more desirable, and boosts their appeal, according to new research. Buzz60′s Sean Dowling has more.

Pheromone parties have taken place in New York, London and Losn Ageles and I’ve long wanted to attend one. As soon as I’d signed up, instructions arrived: I was to sleep in the same clean, white T-shirt for four nights to capture my pheromones. Then I’d bring my shirt to the party, sealed in a zip-top bag.

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