Don’t light roaches on fire

Posted By Staff

Date: August 12th, 2018

Category: Nutty News

bicI was on Netflix at 3am last night and saw a roach running across my room, it stopped and stayed in a corner.

I figured I would try a different method of killing it so I got a long BIC lighter and lit it on fire.

What happened next just about scarred me for life, that thing was still alive and it was like this tiny flame was running all the way across my room, it reminded me of one of the final scenes from Arachnophobia, and it lit one of my socks on fire.

I threw a used towel at the inflamed roach and used water on a night stand to put out the sock but my smoke alarm in my apartment went off and a significant portion of the hard wood floors were charred by both the sock and the roach.

So, don’t be an idiot like me.

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