Honduran man living in the US stuffs cotton wool in his nose and pretends to be dead in photos he sent to his wife in bizarre plan to stop her asking for money

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Date: August 9th, 2018

Category: Nutty News

grinA Honduran man living in the United States reportedly pretended to be dead so his wife back home would stop asking him for money.

Danny Gonzalez, 27, took photos of himself with cotton wool stuffed into his nostrils and a white sheet over his body as if he were lying in a morgue.

He then sent them to his wife of two years living in Saba, southern Honduras, along with a picture of a flower-covered coffin in a funeral parlour and a message telling her he’d died from cancer.

But it didn’t take relatives long to realise Gonzalez appeared to be grinning in the photos.

Others noticed that he appeared to be lying in a doubled bed, and the white sheet over his body was actually a pillow cover.

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