Man shouldn’t have gone to jail for getting a job at Michael’s instead of Home Depot, court rules

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Date: August 18th, 2018

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courtAlfred Scott was arrested for a first-time marijuana offense last year, but he was willing to plead guilty and he even lined up a full-time job at Home Depot to show he deserved mercy.

But when that job fell through and he got a job at Michael’s instead, Judge Russell Healey seemed to insist that the job needed to be at Home Depot. Healey decided his mercy had been worn out. For getting a job at the wrong store, Healey sent Scott to jail for 90 days.

That decision was overturned last Friday by an appellate court that said Healey failed to find Scott had willfully violated his probation.

Scott’s sentencing score was so low that state prison wasn’t even a possibility. But Judge Healey told him he would face 90 days in county jail for selling marijuana. When Scott said he had a job offer at Home Depot, Healey offered mercy, saying he’d let him out of jail on the condition “that he gets a job, full-time job, or show at least five applications per week until he gets a job.”

But a Department of Corrections probation officer said Home Depot rescinded the job offer likely because of the conviction, but “he’s been complying with everything I asked him to do.”

Scott got a full-time job at Michael’s and a part-time job at McDonald’s. In total, he was working 60 hours a week. But that wasn’t good enough for Judge Healey.

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