People are rubbing toothpaste on their breasts to try to make them bigger

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Date: August 3rd, 2018

Category: Nutty News

toothOne YouTuber called Naturalbeauty556 uploaded a video titled ‘Tighten Sagging Breats in Just 5 Days Using Toothpaste – No Joke’, claiming that a mixture of toothpaste, plain flour, egg whites, and grated cucumber will ‘tighten up your breasts.

Another channel, Susana Home Remedies, suggests putting toothpaste on your nipples and rubbing Vaseline on your breasts to make your breasts grow larger.

These videos have received millions of views from people desperate to change the shape and size of their breasts without surgery.

It’s not clear how many of them have actually attempted the technique. But before any more people rush off to buy some tubes of Colgate, it’s important for us to make clear that rubbing toothpaste on your breasts will not make them any bigger. It will also not reduce sagging.



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