Indonesia province bans men and women from eating together to make women more ‘well-behaved’

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Date: September 9th, 2018

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bansAn Indonesian district has banned women and men from eating together unless they are related or married.

An official from the profoundly Islamic Aceh province on the northwest tip of Sumatra island – one of the country’s most conservative regions – said the prohibition was implemented to make women more “well-behaved”.

 The regulation dictates women in the Bireuën district will not be allowed to share a table with men at restaurants and coffee shops unless they are accompanied by their spouse or a close male relative.

“Unmarried males and females who are not close relatives should not eat and drink at the same table, because it is sinful according to shariah law,” Jufliwan, the head of Bireuën district’s Islamic Affairs office, told AFP.

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