Virginia man puts up electric fence to keep kids off his lawn

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Date: September 8th, 2018

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fenceBryan Tucker says that he is annoyed at school kids trespassing on his lawn while they are waiting for their school bus. He said that he erected the fence on Tuesday because he had an issue last year with kids littering and trespassing on his property.

He complains that he has to pick up trash every day and that they don’t respect other people’s land.

He says that the “No Trespassing” signs that he posted on his property for years have seemed to do anything so he decided that he needed to try something different.

As you could imagine his neighbours were in shock to find out about the fence as kids gathered at the bus stop for their first day of school.

A man says that he felt a literal shock when he touched the fence.

County workers and police were called to check out the property. They found that the fence was on the county’s right of way, so Tucker took it down a few hours only after he put it up.

Tucker says that he could put the fence back up as long as it’s on his property line – which is 18 feet back from the street. He says that he hopes he doesn’t need to do that.

“The message has gotten out, I’m pretty sure, to everybody,” he said. “The point’s gotten across.”

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