Cancer Patient Pays $1,000 In Airline Fees After She Accidentally Marks Herself As ‘Terrorist’ On Travel Form

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Date: October 1st, 2018

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cancerBreast cancer patient Mandie Stevenson was hoping to cross off one item from her bucket list when she booked a flight to New York and filled out her visa waiver form online.

But when she accidentally answered “yes” to a question that asked if she was planning to, or had previously engaged in terrorist activities or other related crimes, that kicked off a saga where she ended up paying the equivalent of over $1,000 to have her flight rebooked to a later date.

According to BBC News, the 29-year-old Stevenson, a resident of Falkirk, Scotland, was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer in 2015 and had been planning a trip to New York with her boyfriend as part of her bucket list.

As she thought she had everything in order after completing her ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) form, she was shocked upon finding out that her application was rejected due to her apparent mistake.

While Mandie Stevenson thought her error, while “embarrassing,” would be easy to correct, she allegedly did not get much sympathy from U.S. Embassy officials in London, who first told her that the “yes” box next to the terrorism question was the “worst box you could have ticked.”

After going through two interviews and paying £320 ($417) to apply for a full visa, Stevenson’s application was accepted, but that wasn’t the end of her ordeal. She told the BBC’s Jardine that her application would take about three to five days to be granted, meaning that there was a good chance she would end up missing her flight.

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