3 Men Block Grandma At ATM, Find Out They Messed With The Wrong Granny

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Date: November 15th, 2018

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77At 77 years old, Winifred Peel appears much like any other older lady. Living in a small town near Liverpool, she would go about her day at a modest pace, happily retired and never in a hurry. This active yet relaxed life suited Winny, and she felt safe in the comfort of the area she grew up in. Until one day, when that all changed.

It had been a cold morning when Winny left the house. She started her day walking through the town, up to her favorite café to grab some tea and a cake. She noticed some commotion as she passed the local bank, some young men arguing with each other. Little did she know that she should have taken note of these rowdy youngsters.

The unlucky trio of teenage criminals – Felix Stoica, 19, Piper Dumitru, 18, and Florin Geblescu, 18 – Were looking for “easy targets” that night, but underestimated Winny’s determination not to be taken advantage of.

It wasn’t long before the police caught the offenders. With a significant wound showing on his head, the man who first pushed Winny to the ground was tracked down, loitering up the road. With no plan of escape, his partners were skulking close by. Once rounded up, they were soon served the justice they deserved.

Looking back, Winifred remains shaken by the incident. Had she been less fit, the attack may have ended up much worse. After their arrest, the young men quickly confessed to their horrid attack. The case was quickly brought to court, where each was sentenced to time in prison. Speaking about the nature of their crime, the judge derided their shameless actions, accusing them of “casting a shadow” over Winny’s twilight years.

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