City Council Candidate Caught Dropping Off Mom To Panhandle

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Date: November 1st, 2018

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panControversy after a city council candidate is caught on camera leaving his elderly disabled mom on a city sidewalk to panhandle and beg for money.

It’s angering plenty of people in the tourist hot spot of Laguna Beach who wonder how Irvine City Council candidate Dave Chey has the nerve to drive his 86-year-old mother to their town several nights a week to collect money from strangers.

They see her on busy Forest Avenue in a wheelchair with a sign asking for help.

Heidi Miller has been in business in Laguna for nearly 40 years and is so tired of Soon Chey’s panhandling she made her own sign that she puts next to her.

Miller says she’s seen Chey being dropped off by her son in a brand new car and is questioning if any of the money is being used to fund Dave Chey’s campaign.  More

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