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Date: November 15th, 2018

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charmNigerian healer died after attempting to demonstrate the efficacy of his bulletproof charms to a client.

Chinaka Adoezuwe, 26, died when he told one his clients to shoot him in an attempt to test his charms.

“A young man had gone to [the healer] to prepare bulletproof charms for him, which the native doctor did. To prove the efficacy of the new charms, [he] positioned and handed over a gun to his customer. Tragedy struck,” the BBC reported, citing the Nigeria-based Punch Newspaper.

Police in Nigeria’s Imo state have arrested the client, according to the BBC, which reported that “charms are popular in Nigeria, where traditional healers are consulted for cures for various ailments.”

Even local police seemed to trust bulletproof charms more than the armor itself. Early this year, another article from Punch reported that several policemen admitted to having more confidence in being protected “the traditional way,” meaning that some officers were wearing a charm under their bulletproof vest.

“Even my wife knows about the charm and we are both Christians. She does not complain because at the end of the day, she does not want me to lose my life facing armed robbers. There is nothing wrong with double protection,” one officer told the publication.

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