Student urinates on outlet in attempt to set fire to school

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Date: November 5th, 2018

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outletA 12-year-old boy urinated on an electrical outlet Friday morning at Sunnyside Intermediate School in an attempt to start a fire, Lafayette police reported.

The boy managed to start a fire or enough smoke to set off the fire alarm, Lafayette Fire Investigator Todd Trent said.

To the relief of many, the boy’s plan to failed, according to police and Trent.

Someone hurried into the first-floor boys’ restroom with a fire extinguisher and put out the small fire, which was contained to the electrical outlet, Trent said.

As for the boy, he was arrested, accused of criminal recklessness, police said. The boy was taken to the juvenile probation intake offices, police said.

The boy’s actions raises many questions — No. 1 among them is whether he might have shocked himself while showering the outlet with his urine.

Trent said that would not be possible if the boy was standing upright. But neither is it likely that the urine hitting from that angle would have soaked into the outlet to create enough heat to cause a fire, Trent said, adding that the case remains under investigation.

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