Vegan woman fined $1,170 for threatening to kill her Italian mother for making meat sauce

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Date: November 2nd, 2018

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sauceItalian newspaper Gazzetta di Modena reported this week that the 48-year-old woman has been ordered by local courts to pay a $520 court fine and $650 to her mother for physically threatening her with a kitchen knife, after the sexagenarian whipped up Bolognese sauce in their newly shared home.

According to The Telegraph, the “newly unemployed” daughter had recently moved back into her mother’s small apartment, where she often cooked in the rezdore tradition of chefs in the Emilia Romagna dialect.

The vegan daughter told court officials that, prior to moving to live with her mother, she had long been avoiding ”sensory” and “olfactory contact” with animal products.

Lawyers further told the Gazzetta di Modena that there had been “an escalation of aggressive episodes, always over food,” before things nearly took a turn for the fatal.

Furious with the smell of meat sauce simmering on the stove one day in March 2016, the daughter reportedly grabbed a knife and made a grave threat.

“If you won’t stop on your own then I’ll make you stop. Quit making ragú, or I’ll stab you in the stomach,” the angry daughter said, as per The Telegraph, inciting her mother to press charges.

With the complaint making its way to Modena tribunal court well over two years later, Justice of Peace Nadia Trifilo ultimately ruled in favor of the 69-year-old mother. She smacked the daughter with a $520 court fine and ordered her to pay $650 to her mother as compensation.

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